Medical Transport

The Sherburn Visiting Scheme operate a popular medical transport service which helps the local elderly residents get to their doctor, optician, chiropodist or hospital appointments. With taxi fares rising and some elderly residents not able to use public transport, our medical transport service is vital to the well-being of many residents. All of our drivers are volunteers and offer a complete door to door transport service.

How to Book

The cost of the service will be outlined to you when you book.  If you would like to schedule medical transport for your next appointment, please call the office on 01977 681 828.

Get Involved

The SVS medical transport service is becoming under increasing pressure due to the increased number of people using the service coupled with the retirement of long-standing drivers.  The need for new drivers is essential for this service to continue.  If you can help by giving a small amount of your time to help transport the local elderly to their appointments, please visit our Get Involved page on our website for more information.

Sylvia Bennett uses the service and explains how important it is to her.

I have been fortunate to have been able to use the SVS medical transport service since 1999.  I attend both Leeds and York Hospital.  With difficulty, I am able to use public transport but find walking any distance or up a hill very difficult.  The Sherburn Visiting Scheme volunteer drivers are reliable, helpful, cheerful and compassionate.  If the service was to discontinue, getting to the hospital would be very difficult, even impossible, as I am alone and my family live a long distance away.

Gerry Moy is a volunteer for the medical transport service, and he explains why he gives up some of this spare time to help others.

Being a volunteer driver does not have a great impact on my time as I choose the times I am available to take people to their medical appointments.  The people I transport are always interesting and come from all walks of life, but most of all they are so appreciative of the service.  While I wait for my passenger to return from their appointment, it gives me the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and a scone, which I can highly recommend at both Selby and York.  I know one day I will need someone to help me as I am currently able to help others.


Volunteer Drivers Needed

The scheme is becoming under increasing pressure due to the increased number of people using the service and the retirement of some of our longstanding drivers. The need for new drivers is vital for the service to continue.